Same day call out service

Call out service on the same day

In most cases, we will provide on-site calling services on the same day, and our engineers will visit you at your company or home. You don’t need to unplug your computer and then walk a few miles to fix it.

Drop-off service

Drop-off service

If you prefer, you can send your computer equipment to our office for repair. Please call us on 07816563694 and arrange the date and time for you. Once it’s done, we’ll contact you to arrange to pick up your computer equipment, so you won’t waste your time.

 Commercial network service

Commercial network service

We offer commercial network services. We will provide a local network plan for small businesses, set up your server or network-attached storage (NAS), office cable location, HUB, switch installation and broadband router setting, WiFi sharing, we can also help your business create a web page and host your website. Manage your email server, data security, data back and recovery, folder sharing, cable or wireless printer installation etc. In most cases, we will be able to address your business needs and issues.

Remote support services

Remote Support

We also provide a remote support service where in most cases we will be able to resolve your problems.

Service charge

Our prices are competitive and you are guaranteed the best price.

 Service/HourFirst hourAfter first hour
 On-site £35 £10/half hour
 Drop-off £25 £10/half hour
Commercial network service £55 £20/half hour
 Remote support £20 £5/half hour
Specific project Call ask Call ask

*Please note that all of the above prices are for labour only and do not include part costs.