Computer crashed and will not restart

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Roy asked 2 months ago

My computer crashed and will not restart, just gives one beep and comes up saying windows failed to start. I tried booting from an old drive without success so I assume therefore it’s a hardware related issue?? The fans are spinning ok. I tried removing the memory one by one, no joy, tried unplugging all the hard drives and optical drives one by one also without success. So I’m stumped and need an expert.

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Technical Support Team answered 2 months ago

In this case, I will advise you;
1) Remove the internal hard disk from the existing computer.
2) Connect to a healthy computer system as a USB external device.
3) Use special security software to scan this hard drive to make sure it is free of any viruses and malware infections.
4) Back up the data and then perform a system recovery.
If you are not confident, please email or call 07816563684 and we can help.

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